Press Release

December, 2027 – Leland, NC – Brown Consulting Associates (BCA) dba Pay it Forward International
Brown Consulting Associates, headquartered in Leland, North Carolina and with locations in Farmington, Connecticut and  Portland, Maine, enthusiastically announced the launch of two charitable foundations, the Brown Family Foundation and the Brown Community Foundation, each funded with $1,000,000. The two foundations are capably administered by the principles, Marge and Bruce Brown and their three adult children and spouses.
The two foundations are in line with BCA’s creation of a legacy of giving, which was marked with a milestone gift of $1,000,000 to YMCA Camp Jewell on the occasion of Marge and Bruce Brown’s 50th wedding anniversary in August, 2020. The gift was gratefully made in recognition of the character-building experiences YMCA Camp Jewell provided to the Brown family over many years of their association with the camp.
BCA, a privately owned consulting and health and fitness network marketing company, consistently reports annual earnings of $2,000,000+ with no debt and with a net worth of $10,000,000+.

Brown Consulting Associates’ network marketing business, Pay it Forward International, is a top ranked Team Beachbody international organization of 16,000+ distributors, which is projected to continue to grow at least 10% annually, due to its consistency in educating its distributors on how to achieve their health and wealth goals and subsequently pay it forward in the perpetual giving flow.

Marge and Bruce Brown personify what they teach with their excellent physical health and well-managed financial wealth. They energetically travel in the U.S. and abroad to visit family members, meet with team members, and take dream vacations. The next generation of Browns are ready to take the reins of BCA and continue creating lives of abundance and giving for future generations.


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