Week 4 – DuMP the DMP!

Ok, I’ve been rewriting and reading my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) statement for a few weeks now, and faithfully incorporating the input from my patient guides.

Today, when I reviewed the comments from two guides, I had the urge to DuMP my DMP and begin again! Their four eyes detected the holes in my DMP.  I am truly grateful that two people who I have never met would take the time to help me get a clear statement that will become my blueprint for creation over the next 5 years.

This turnaround totally surprised me, but it prompted me to take a long walk, talk things over with my husband and best friend, and rethink my PPNs (Pivotal Personal Needs) for the next five years, which is the timeframe I set for my DMP.

After our walk and talk, I did my Master Key reading and meditation today, and I believe I have made a decision to change both of my PPNs. The reason for this is that the words in my original DMP did not match at least one of my PPNs, as my guides adeptly noticed, and the second PPN is something I plan to focus on in 10 years, not 5 years.

Today it’s back to the keyboard. I know I’ll be able to salvage part of the DMP,  but most of it will be replaced with a more soul-centered, i.e. “I-centered” description of what I see as my purpose for living for the next 5 years. Really, that’s a long time span to be of service and continue to develop my natural gifts.

No one said this process would be easy! It’s not for the weak of mind, body, or spirit. I’m praying for guidance that my next version of my DMP is a more accurate description of my 5-year purpose.



Week 3 – Conscious Shift

Taking a leap of faith, I started doing the daily exercises as prescribed in the Master Key Program. Every day I notice my conscious thoughts are getting stronger and stronger in the direction of the images I’m painting in my 400-word Definite Major Purpose statement. This shift is remarkable to me. I noticed it even in the first week of the program and it has continued each day now through the third week.

What this means to me is that I’m getting even more confident and excited about manifesting WHAT I WANT! I’m less distracted by the things I don’t want and way more focused on bringing in the things I do want.

As I read the Master Key passages each day, I gain a better understanding and acceptance of the amazing power within me, and a sharpened determination to use it in ways that benefit me and others. Luckily I can share these noticeable changes with my husband, who is also in the program, and he has confirmed that he has experienced the same shift.

I am preparing myself for a lot of positive change between now and the end of the 26-week Master Key Program and beyond. These changes are inevitable based on the conscious shift I am already experiencing. It’s like an awakening and I don’t want to miss any of it. Every night when I go to sleep, I tell my subconscious to get busy – we have no time to waste!

Speaking of being more aware, I have noticed, too, that I am much less interested in TV.  Even though I only watched about one hour per day prior to the start of the program, I can see myself giving it up almost completely as my life quickly changes and I become more active doing more of those things that support my purpose.

Overall I am grateful for this program and for the opportunity to experience it with others around the world who are also committed to attaining their life purpose.

Week 2 – How to Deal with the “R” Word

As part of the Master Key Program, I wrote my 400-word Definite Major Purpose. I found that I described the life I have been wanting to live for at least the past five years, and that I hope to manifest in the next five years. The gap between where I am now and where I want to be, both geographically and in my business, appears quite wide to my conscious mind. To my unconscious mind, it’s a piece of cake, right?
My income needs to rise dramatically for me to be able to execute my desire in the next five years and beyond. When I look at our budget and checkbook, the “R” word keeps surfacing. The “R” word is Realistic, and it’s a reflection of my conscious thinking. My husband and I have agreed not to use the “R” word in creating the next phase of our life together.
How “Realistic” is it for me to create a $2 million+ per year sustainable income as a network marketer? Well, according to what I’m learning in the Master Keys, that’s not for my conscious mind to judge, it’s for my subconscious mind to create. On the other hand, my conscious mind is supposed to act as the “guardian at the gate” of my subconscious mind, so is it being a worthy guardian when it communicates a desire to my subconscious mind that could appear “unrealistic” to someone who does not understand the dual power of a network marketing business and a deliberately and repetitively programmed subconscious mind?
I have to go with my gut, which tells me that now is my time and that the Master Key program came at just the right point in my life when I need to kick my subconscious power in gear like never before to enable me to achieve my definite major purpose. Do it Now and kick the “R” word to the curb!

Week 1 – Success Mindset

So far I am enjoying the process of studying the Master Key System, in order to strengthen my success mindset.
I like the discipline of the program and the mental and physical exercises related to the Master Key System.
Combining this program with Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, seems like a genius approach to securely plant success seeds in the subconscious mind.
Having to reserve the time for reading as the final step before going to sleep at night is the biggest adjustment for me so far with this program. I had been in the habit of winding down at night with mental word games and leisure reading. These were my reward for a day well done. Now after I indulge myself with those activities, I get out of bed and complete my end-of-day Master Key program assignments. It reminds me of when our children were newborns and we had to stay alert until 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. to give them their last bottle, which would hopefully allow them to sleep through the night.
The first night of the program I did not sleep as well as usual, but I have noticed that my sleep is improving each night, so I’m adjusting to the new routine. I know it will be so worth it to strengthen my success mindset, just like raising children was so worth all the effort.
I understand that I have to feed my subconscious mind the right material right before I go to sleep so it can work towards my benefit while I sleep. It’s nice to have a 24/7 partner, but you want to ensure that it’s working with the right directions and will help to take you where you want to go now, not operating on some old programs that you aren’t even aware are running in your subconscious mind!