Week 11 – So How Am I Feeling?


I’m not quite half way through the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) Program, and I decided that today is the day to take an honest inventory about how I’m feeling about this whole experience.

First, I feel incredibly lucky to have found the MKMMA Program at all.  I don’t remember what random clicks on the Internet led me to a Mark J. video and testimonial videos from past participants. I do remember seeing someone I recognized from my network marketing company in one of the testimonials. I had seen her business grow tremendously over the past year, so I thought that was solid evidence that something had propelled her growth. Maybe it was this program! So I took a leap of faith and decided to see if it could help me too.

Second, I feel enlightened as to how much more personal development I needed and will continue to need in order to fulfill my life purpose. Before participating in this program, I thought I was over-developed from decades of immersion in personal development programs and books. What I found though the MKMMA is that “knowledge doesn’t apply itself”, and just like I work out my body each morning to strive for stronger physical health, I need to work out my mind multiple times per day to strive for stronger mental health. Just after two to three weeks in the MKMMA alliance, after devoting myself faithfully to the daily exercises, I noticed a change in my mental strength. This transformation just motivates me to want to get stronger and stronger both physically and mentally.

Third, I feel determined to never give up on my quest to fulfill my life purpose. Last week we learned that the combination of 4 tiny habits are the key to persistence, which is the single key to success, as revealed by W. Clement Stone and Napolean Hill, through their years of research on the phenomenon of success. Those steps are:

1. A definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment;

2. A definite plan, expressed in continuous action;

3. A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances;

4. Friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.

Fourth, I feel optimistic to know, that thanks to the MKMMA Program, I have all four of these elements in place, and now my task is to claim what I want!

The MKMMA Program is the right program that came at just the right time for me, and for that I feel eternally grateful and much love for Mark J., Davene, my guide, Marie, and all the other brave souls in this alliance, including my ever-loving husband, Bruce.

I am now unstoppable!


Week 10 – Clearing the Circuit


I’m not an engineer by any stretch of the imagination, but I am coming to the realization that the strength and quality of the connection between my spiritual being and the Infinite source of power depends entirely on how clear I keep the connection. Without this connection, there is no power flow.

How do I keep the connection clear? This is becoming a minute-by-minute effort to not entertain negative thoughts, to not formulate or express opinions, and to not hold any resentments. If you think doing P90X every day is a strenuous physical workout, then try this mental workout for a day and you’ll see why it takes total focus.

The best way for me to succeed with this mental workout is to constantly focus on what I do want, not on what I don’t want. I see myself as a powerful, mighty woman who is clearing her channel to the Infinite source of power more and more each day. The more I clear the channel, the more I trust that the Infinite will deliver the resources I need to fulfill my purpose. The more I trust, the more I believe, and the more excited I get about what’s ahead for me in my life!


The daily reading in The Master Key System gives me a growing understanding of how the circuit between my spiritual being and the Infinite works. If I can control my thoughts and steer them towards what I want and infuse them with a lot of positive emotion, then I really can predict my future!

My three children kid me because I can’t live with dirty dishes in the kitchen. Whether I’m at home or in their homes, I’m usually on kitchen duty making sure the dishes are clean and put away.


While I’m not an engineer, I do know how to keep a clean kitchen! As I complete my domestic chores, I visualize that clear and clean circuit between me and the Infinite source of power.  This visualization supports my mental efforts to manifest the future I want!

Week 9 – It’s a Done Deal!

mark j

When I hear our Master Guide, Mark J., state that the current smart goals in his DMP (Definite Major Purpose) are a “DONE DEAL”, I feel the force of his conviction about the power of the MKMMA and the skills we are learning. Along with the participants in the program, Mark J. is working on manifesting his next smart goals. He is coming from a place of absolute knowing that this training works if you apply it, because he has already manifested many positive things in his life with the skills he is teaching to us.

I know I have been committed to the program for the last nine weeks because I have not missed a day of practicing the exercises and fulfilling my responsibilities as a program participant. This week I feel myself moving from commitment to conviction. I know this because now when I read my DMP, I feel it’s a “DONE DEAL” for me too!!

Because I have been faithful to doing the exercises and ramping up my ability to feel my future with more and more intensity, I know I’m becoming a more skilled operator of my incredible thought mechanism day by day. Like any other skill set, this one takes practice and more practice before one becomes a “master”.

coal mining

Just when I think I’m making progress, we get more assignments to improve our skills. This week we were asked to try more combinations of visual, audio, athletic, and linguistic formats of our DMP to blast through that cement Buddha and keep drilling down our instructions to the depths of our subby (subconscious). Maybe it’s no accident that in the last month, I’ve driven through several coal mining towns of West Virginia. All I can think of when I see those piles of coal is my personal journey of  breaking through the cement Buddha and drilling deep into my subby with my DMP by using even stronger drills with the new combination formats. This ensures that no matter what my learning style, my instructions will be received and fulfilled by my subby.

Knowing that my DMP is a “DONE DEAL”, makes it easier for me to greet each day and each person with love in my heart, to express no opinions, and to watch my mental diet to entertain only positive and constructive thoughts.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches this week, I’m extremely grateful for my loving husband, my family, my health, my business, and the MKMMA!

Week 8 – Metamorphosis


Now that we are two months into the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA), I have tentatively emerged from my cacoon into my new reality. It’s like a rebirth.

Charles F. Hanel writes in Part 8 of the Master Key System,”Imagination is a plastic power, molding the things of sense into new forms and ideas.” My imagination has worked overtime to get my Definite Major Purpose finalized, with just the right wording and feelings so it is true to my heart’s desire.

Hanel also writes  that “…in order to cultivate the imagination it must be exercised. Exercise is necessary to cultivate mental muscle as well as physical muscle.” Just like I complete my physical exercise program each morning and walk one to three miles per day, I am diligent about completing my mental exercises three times per day, in order to strengthen my feeling of living in my new reality so I can permanently leave my cacoon behind and spread my exquisite wings to enjoy my beautiful new life!

Hanel writes, “Successful men (and women of course!) make it their business to hold ideals of the conditions which they wish to realize. They constantly hold in mind the next step necessary to the ideal to which they are striving.” The various techniques used in the MKMMA are working together for me now all day long to keep my ideal life top of mind. These include the three times daily readings, my movie poster, my audio recording, the geometric shapes and colors connected to my goals and action plans, and the progressive focus on positive thinking, being a giver, maintaining positive daily habits and living with an open heart.

Yes, it’s work, but work I’m enthusiastic to perform each day because now that I’ve firmly connected to my Definite Major Purpose, I’m living in my new reality and will not be denied the victory of manifesting all my goals! My transformation is profound, just like that of a pupa to an adult butterfly,

Week 7 – Getting to Know My Future Self

dream big2

She’s still 5’3” tall, weighs 124 pounds, has an infectious laugh, and values her family above all else except her faith. Those are a few things that haven’t changed between my current and future selves. If you look closely, however, you can detect some significant internal changes between these two gals.

My current self knew in her head that change comes from within, but until the Master Key Master Mind Alliance program, had not been able to initiate the drastic changes that she wanted in her life. It took the power of the group and the guides and the hard daily mental work to give her the confidence to sustain her belief in her heart that she had the power to will the changes she wanted into her life.

My future self lives in the three locations of her choosing – Leland, NC, Farmington, CT, and Portland, ME, and runs a global, multimillion dollar network marketing business with her ever-loving husband.

She has time and money to spoil her husband, kids, and grandkids with treats and trips. She has a team of virtual vendors that support her personally and professionally. She has set up two giving foundations that she administers with her husband and three adult children and their spouses. This gives her great satisfaction to be able to continuously give back to her family and her community.

Because her business is in the health and wellness industry, she models healthy eating and daily exercise into the final decades of her life. Every day of her life, she also sustains the high level of confidence she gained in the MKMMA program, in order to see her purpose through.

I like this future “Me” a lot because she has persisted and found a way to empower herself to fulfill her life purpose of loving and leading her family and community as she greats abundance.

Never give up! A way will appear!


Week 6 – Gathering Evidence

For my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) to manifest, my network marketing business needs to grow. I’ve put a lot of effort into it for the past four years, and while it’s grown some, it has not kept pace with my dreams!

As if by magic, committed distributors are appearing, i.e., not those who say, “I’ll give this a try,” but rather those who say, “I am going to do this!” Big difference!

I know there is nothing that can stop me from pursuing my dreams through my business. As my mental power is increasing through application of the Master Keys program, my subby is actually bringing in the resources as promised! This is an exciting shift! I’m experiencing that it’s not the quantity of work, but the quality of my thinking that will bring me the results I seek.

To actually see the evidence of this teaching start to appear is quite exciting! It’s like working out with a new fitness program for a few weeks, and having wiggle room in your jeans. Evidence of results for your effort is a strong motivator to keep going.

I’m also building more trust in the mastermind process available in the Master Key program. At first I was reluctant to post in the “Alliances” section of the Web site, but now I post every day. Why? Because I thought about laminating my dream board and using it as a place mat. Then I read posts from other participants in the program who are laminating their dream boards to read in the shower. I’ve found my tribe!

Let’s face it…most people will not put forth the effort to pump up their personal power in order to achieve their life purpose. And I never want to be like most people. I’m here to make a difference and I want to be around people who have the same commitment to their lives.

I know now that I’m out of the bleachers for good and will be on the playing field for the rest of my life! Go team!!


Week 5 – Have Master Keys Will Travel

Last week our older son called and asked if we’d come for a week and help out with our granddaughter while our daughter-in-law traveled for business. We love to spoil our kids and grandchildren every chance we get, so of course we said, “Yes!” So we rented a new car, packed up our gear and our dog, and drove 10 hours from North Carolina to Kentucky. What a beautiful drive this time of year! We saw majestic mountains in western North Carolina, serious-looking mining towns in West Virginia, expansive horse farms in Lexington, Kentucky, and finally our precious family in Louisville, Kentucky in their charming new home there.
During the drive we listened to Part 4 of the Master Keys on tape. We have been diligent in keeping up with our readings and blogging while visiting, which takes a good deal of effort when you’re working around others’ schedules and your needed to help out for many hours of the day.
Our granddaughter, Ellie, is adorable, and we’ve enjoyed every minute with her. Especially this week, as the Halloween excitement is building! We plan to stay an extra day so we can participate in her trick or treating fun when she ventures out as a two-year-old twirling princess!
The weather is fantastic here – the leaves are falling and there’s a small breeze. Fat squirrels are scampering around getting ready for the long winter haul. I could sit outside all day!
This trip makes me appreciate yet again the flexibility of our network marketing business, which we can “work” from anywhere. I feel like I’m getting more clarity from my subby on the ‘hows” that will stimulate my business growth. I’m excited about writing my press release as if it were 10 years from now and everything in my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) statement is accomplished,
We’ll be back in Kentucky in three weeks to celebrate Thanksgiving and will be joined by our younger son from San Francisco. My dreams are coming true right before my eyes! I’m enjoying more and more freedom every day. I feel like I’m the one being spoiled and that’s fine by me!