My name is Marge Brown and I live in Leland, North Carolina in the US with my husband, Bruce (who is also in the program), and our dog, Happy – a double doodle. Bruce and I have been happily married for 44 years. We met on a blind date, were engaged thirteen days later, and then married four months later. We have three adult children and four grandchildren, who all live in different parts of the country – California, Kentucky, and Connecticut.



We enjoy our flexible and free lifestyle made possible with our network marketing business. We have just begun to tap into the possibilities of the freedom available to us through this business. We want to expand our business, and thus our freedom, which is why we both enrolled for the Master Key System Program.

Our dream is to tri-locate in Maine, Connecticut, and North Carolina so we can see more family members on a regular basis, stay in touch with our expanding business partners, and enjoy the cool, beautiful summer months in New England, where we raised our family before we moved to North Carolina.

I have had a variety of careers, including secondary school teacher, corporate executive, free-lance writer, business consultant, personal coach, and real estate team owner. By far, my favorite and most challenging career is that of a network marketer.

My favorite and most fun roles in life are wife, mother, and grandmother!

My hobbies are healthy cooking, working out, walking, reading, sewing, and gift-buying.


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