Week 17 – Pursue Personal Power – Not Power Symbols

This week in Section 17 of The Master Key System we’re focusing on the distinction between accepting and developing your personal power  versus pursuing symbols of power.

We’re all born with unlimited personal power due to our spiritual connection to the Universal Source of all power. Many people don’t give themselves permission to acknowledge this power or to learn how to tap into it in order to fulfill their life purpose.

A simple practice, which we are using in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) is to sit in silence for 15 minutes per day to allow our minds to clear and to strengthen our intuition and faith. This has proven to be an invaluable method for me to “plug in” to the Universal Source of power each day, in order to grow my personal power. If you aren’t doing this for yourself each day, I highly recommend you start today.



Another practice that takes more effort throughout each day is to focus on only what you want, and not on what you don’t want. Every time a negative thought creeps in, we’re learning to quickly substitute a positive thought. When you’re positive, you can’t help but focus on your success. With each obstacle I’ve overcome, my faith in my personal power strengthens and I want to develop it even more!


In contrast, if you focus solely on acquiring symbols of personal power, such as expensive houses and cars, and equate your power with such things, you’re really selling yourself short. They can certainly be validation of your personal power to manifest what you desire and to live an abundant life, but you don’t get power from material things, Your power is internal and needs daily nurturing to grow it as much as you can throughout your life.

I have had houses and cars come and go in my life, but I know I can rely on my spiritual power with its connection to the Universal Source of all power to create what I want for a happy and fulfilling life at any time, whether its a fulfilling relationship, profitable business, beautiful home, good health, giving foundation, new car or all of the above.  It’s up to me to define what a happy and fulfilling life means for me and then to keep my thoughts focused on fulfilling my needs, as they change throughout my life.



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