Week 15 – Finding Enthusiasm!


In week 15 of The Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA), we were asked to do an exercise that’s a variation of one used by Benjamin Franklin. In Ben’s mind, it was important to improve his virtues so he kept a handwritten list of the virtues he wanted to cultivate, such as temperance and frugality, and entered a mark in his notebook every time he felt he was not following that virtue. He did this each day for the entire list of thirteen virtues he wished to develop in himself. You can read about his technique  by clicking here.

Ben Franklin

We know from the Law of Growth that what you become more aware of and think about expands. So, instead of using Franklin’s method, our MKMMA exercise has us focus on instances where we found the virtues we want to cultivate in ourselves to be in operation either in ourselves or others.  We are only focusing on one virtue per week, so we can really expand our awareness of its presence and have it then hopefully grow more easily and quickly in ourselves.

We were given a suggested list of thirteen virtues to include in our list, although if we thought we were okay on any one and needed work on another, then we should make a substitution. For instance, I substituted self-confidence for self-control. Then we were asked to prioritize our list and put the one we wanted to grow the most at the top of the list. I chose Enthusiasm as my number one virtue to develop.

In just a few days, I have totally raised my awareness as to when I observe enthusiasm or display this virtue. By looking for it more deliberately and consciously, I have already noticed an increase in my own expressions of enthusiasm. Here are a few examples of where I found enthusiasm on display or expressed it myself:

* The UPS man running to deliver our dog’s food to our front door;

* Our dog greeting the UPS man holding her dog food;

* My eagerness to help my husband with our new Web site;

* My husband’s delight at the results of our Web site development;

* My growing interest in helping our daughter launch her new business;

* The excitement of my team members celebrating their business success;

* The big thank you I received from my daughter-in-law for the thermal underwear we gave her for Christmas so she could walk her dog in single digit temperatures.

This is going to be a fun few weeks as I work my way through the list of virtues I want to cultivate in myself. I might not know myself at the end of the process, but I’m already feeling enthusiastic about the positive net effect!



6 thoughts on “Week 15 – Finding Enthusiasm!”

  1. Hi Marge, I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. God bless you on your journey. Please read my poems I wrote in my blog Week 11 and give me your feedback if you so desire. Thank you.


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