Week 13 – The Spectrum of Love


In the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA), we’re reminded of the importance of loving all humanity, including ourselves.

In his classic essay, The Greatest Thing in the World, Henry Drummond, lists the nine ingredients of Love, which he calls the “Spectrum of Love or the stature of the perfect man (or woman).”

Since the original post date of this blog post is Christmas week, 2014, I thought it to be an appropriate time to look at these ingredients to love and decide how I can up my game going forward. I decided to look at each of these traits in the context of my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) and my future self, who I am molding quickly as my purpose is starting to manifest.

1. Patience – Through my dedication to the MKMMA, I have improved in this area. I’m so excited about manifesting my DMP, that it takes focus to allow the Universe to control the timing. I know I need to continue to seek improvements in this area, and I’m confident that they will come with my continued discipline to the daily exercises.

2. Kindness – “Loving all humanity” is a great daily mantra to use to keep one in a spirit of kindness and to not judge anyone.  This has helped me enormously to approach everyone I meet with more kindness. Again, I can only see continued improvement in this area.
3. Generosity – I love being generous, and will continue to look for more areas in which to express my generosity.
4. Humility -I feel humble every day, especially when I think of my ambitions Definite Major Purpose. I know I can only manifest it by staying connected to the Universal Source through positive thinking, giving, love,  support, and action.
5. Courtesy – Courtesy goes hand in hand with kindness in my book. “Please” and “Thank you” should be peppered throughout the day, both in and outside the home .
6. Unselfishness – I have no problem with this one. In fact, one of my challenges is to put myself first and get my needs met. “I start each day with love in my heart, and most of all I love myself.”  This feels like a statement in a foreign language to me, which is why I say it every day now!
7. Good temper – I know being Irish is no excuse. I think I have come a long way on this one – in fact I can’t remember the last time I lost my temper (maybe yesterday when my hard boiled eggs fell on the floor, but that was minor).
8. Guilelessness -This means straightforward, frank and honest. Probably I’m too much of all these things, but I’d rather be on that end of the spectrum than inauthentic.
9. Sincerity – Being a parent of three now-adult children and a wife to a really smart and loving guy have blessed me with the best environment I could need to keep things honest.

Drummond reminds us that these traits can be developed by every person and that the focus of the Spectrum of Love is in the context of our relationships with other persons here on earth vs. the here and after. I think this is certainly a timeless and timely reminder for me and I hope for you, reader, as to how we can all become more loving towards each other.


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