Week 12 – Success is in the Cards

This week in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) we were asked to make up two index card decks with a past success from our life written on each card. This was a fun exercise because we have been spending so much time looking forward by creating our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) that it was fun to check in the rear view mirror. What I found is that I have a string of impressive successes to use to launch me into the future. My two cards decks filled up fast, and I enjoy shuffling through them for a few minutes twice per day.


My past success include such things as learning to swim, giving birth to three healthy babies and raising them to adulthood, traveling to Cabo San Lucas, and buying and selling multiple homes.

Mark and Davene told us we only had to enter a few words on each index card because our subby would fill in all the blanks of that experience, we would feel all the positive emotions related to it, and we would get flashes of ourselves experiencing each success. As usual, they were so right!

lakewood park pool

For example, when the card labeled, “Learned to Swim” flashes by, I see myself hopping on my bicycle at age eight and pedaling to the outside pool in Lakewood Park in Lakewood, OH, for early morning swimming lessons. The air is cold and water is freezing, but I’m determined to advance from Dolphin to Fish to Flying Fish and show my whole family how I can dive off the high diving board. I was persistent, enthusiastic, driven, focused, coachable, athletic, and independent during those brisk summer mornings. Do you think those qualities helped me later in life? You bet!


Much later in my life, when I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas from North Carolina, I went alone to meet my brother and his family. Due to an unexpected traffic jam, I missed my flight and had to spend the night near the Raleigh, North Carolina airport, rebook my flights, and go the following day. Once again, I persevered and went on an adventure by myself. The trip turned out to be amazing!  I had so much fun with my relatives and enjoyed the rest and relaxation at the beach. Taking time for myself to recharge is another success quality I espouse.

My subby is doing a good job of helping me relive my past successes. This exercise is bolstering my confidence that I can continue to develop these collective success qualities, add any more that I need for the future, and bring my DMP to life!

To say I’m excited is an understatement!


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