Week 3 – Conscious Shift

Taking a leap of faith, I started doing the daily exercises as prescribed in the Master Key Program. Every day I notice my conscious thoughts are getting stronger and stronger in the direction of the images I’m painting in my 400-word Definite Major Purpose statement. This shift is remarkable to me. I noticed it even in the first week of the program and it has continued each day now through the third week.

What this means to me is that I’m getting even more confident and excited about manifesting WHAT I WANT! I’m less distracted by the things I don’t want and way more focused on bringing in the things I do want.

As I read the Master Key passages each day, I gain a better understanding and acceptance of the amazing power within me, and a sharpened determination to use it in ways that benefit me and others. Luckily I can share these noticeable changes with my husband, who is also in the program, and he has confirmed that he has experienced the same shift.

I am preparing myself for a lot of positive change between now and the end of the 26-week Master Key Program and beyond. These changes are inevitable based on the conscious shift I am already experiencing. It’s like an awakening and I don’t want to miss any of it. Every night when I go to sleep, I tell my subconscious to get busy – we have no time to waste!

Speaking of being more aware, I have noticed, too, that I am much less interested in TV.  Even though I only watched about one hour per day prior to the start of the program, I can see myself giving it up almost completely as my life quickly changes and I become more active doing more of those things that support my purpose.

Overall I am grateful for this program and for the opportunity to experience it with others around the world who are also committed to attaining their life purpose.


7 thoughts on “Week 3 – Conscious Shift”

  1. Great Post Marge! I’m also preparing my self for A LOT of changes between now and the end of the course. If we just started and we’re already on a roll…. Imagine week 10??? Week 20!?!?? Week 26?!?!?!?!?!


    1. Hi Marcia, Yes, I totally agree. I can’t imagine if only one person in a relationship was going through this program. We have so much to talk about and we’re getting more excited each day about our plans. We’ve made sure our DMPs are in alignment, although of course, they reflect our individual needs. Bruce is a yellow, like you, so I know about your love of people! Thanks for your comment, Marge


  2. It´s wonderful to read that you are getting more confident and excited about what you want and less distracted by the things you don´want. I feel the same way. Who needs the TV? Nice to read your blog Marge!


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